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Finding out customers’ needs and wants, then satisfying those needs better than your competitors.

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April Wilke

Owner & Developer


I help you connect with your audience by focusing on their needs in the most effective way. Satisfaction is my main priority. I will keep working on your projects until you are fully satisfied and proud of what we have achieved. 


I collaborate with you to develop the best solutions for your brand. Just like every brand is unique, every digital initiative needs to be a customized approach.


I will always be looking towards the future and staying current with the growing trends. Let me establish your online presence, keep it growing or teach you how to use the tools I use!  


What I Do


No project is too small. I can help you in anyway. If you have no idea where to even get started, I can help with that too. Give me a call today and tell me what your vision is and let me take care of the rest.   

Who Am I


For years I have worked side by side with Owners and CEO's to help achieve their goals. From Management and Operations to Marketing, Promoting, Advertising and Event Planning, I have covered it all and made it happen. I think outside the box, conduct heavy research, adapt to your style, listen to your wants and needs, all while focusing on customer satisfaction, meeting deadlines and keeping on track. There are no unexpected surprises here, except for how pleased you are with my work.  

How I Work


First I will have a free, no obligation consultation with you so that I am able to fully understand your wants and needs. Second, I will perform an evaluation with where you are at now and what it will take to get you to where you want to be. Third , I will submit a proposal outlining in details the steps I will be taking to meeting those deadlines achieving your goals. 

What I Believe


I believe in giving each client my undivided attention. I work with you and for you, making you feel that I am part of your team. I will love your business as much as you do.